Rainbow Fairy


1: Describe the 5 Satir modes in your own words.

2: Give an example of a sentence or short paragraph in *each* Satir mode for one of these situations:
1) A student telling a teacher why he's late
2) A parent who's angry at a child who didn't wash the dishes
3) A patient describing a problem to a doctor

2b: Give an example of a sentence or short paragraph in one Satir mode (other than Leveler) for the other two situations.

3: Give an example of verbal attack that you or someone close to you has experienced. (Possibly the same example as Lesson 2.) With the techniques you've learned in this class, would any of them have made that situation better? If you had it to do over, what would you have said, and how might it have happened instead?

4: Give two examples of statements with presuppositions used as verbal attacks. Write a brief conversation for each of them, starting with a deflection of the attack.

5: Write a sample counter for each of these verbal attacks.
o "Don't you even care about the innocent children being slaughtered in Iraq?"
o "Someone who really cared about become a wizard would do his homework."
o "Even someone your age should recognize Avril Lavigne's music!"
o "If you really trusted me, you'd let me read your diary."

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