Rainbow Fairy


Teacher: Erica Lynn Frank

Class Description: Words are an important tool for any wizard. This class teaches how to recognize several communication styles and many common verbal attacks, and how to deflect those attacks and avoid verbal violence. If you've had trouble being understood, this may help you find more effective methods. And it will help you know if you have unknowingly been attacking people with your words.

Background details: Class will need an online discussion forum; students will need to acquire a copy of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, preferably as an e-book (because the e-book version has been updated; the print version has not, and may include some misphrasings or archaic language.)


Lesson 1. - Explanation of verbal violence
Lesson 2. - Words can hurt you
Lesson 3. - Satir modes
Lesson 4. - Non-Verbal aspects of communication
Lesson 5. - Presuppositions and verbal attacks
Lesson 6. - 8 basic verbal attack patterns and how to block them
Lesson 7. - Sources and further reading
- Test -